Terms of Service


Orders placed on a weekday typically will be shipped in 24-48 hours. Weekend orders will be shipping typically in 48-72 hours. You will be given a delivery confirmation email letting you know the item has mailed/shipped. You will receive a delivery confirmation tracking number. I mail/ship with USPS because it’s more cost effective to YOU the buyer.

I have my shipping based on USPS-generated pricing (using their API) so the price you see in the shipping area is always current. Due to changes in USPS regulations, I must ship in a protected container and because of that I am not able to offer any more discounts in rates.

Tax is charged for Ohio residents only at 6.5%.


I will refund an item if it is returned within 7 days and ONLY if the item was damaged in shipping.


Due the the fact that there are so many scams and people who have no morals, I accept payment through this site through Paypal and Google Wallet (formerly known as Google Checkout). I accept all major credit cards through both venues.

Please note that you MUST complete the checkout completely, even though you may get an email. At the bottom of your invoice there is a link to view the order. Once it says “Confirmed”, I have received your payment (there might be a delay between the confirmation and you actually completing the order through Paypal/Google).

Your credit card receipt will say AIBREAN or Hemp Harbor depending on payment method.


If you think you placed an order but have never received a product please let me know. I always send out a confirmation email and let you know when I ship. If you paid by eCheck, it takes several days to clear PayPal.